Selfies, Sun and Native Music: Students Host IAIA Music Festival With Great Success

Sunshine cooperates with Native musicians, students and families for a great IAIA Music Festival

The sun came out to provide a beautiful day for the 2017 IAIA Music Festival, held on May 6th on the New MexicoIAIA campus. The university’s Singing Wire radio program live-streamed the event while Native musicians played for students families and faculty.

Lakota John at the IAIA Music Festival.

Lakota John at the IAIA Music Festival.

After their sets, Native musical performers took selfies with each other and others and joined other music lovers on the university’s lawn.

IAIA Music Festival organizer Eric Davis said it was a successful day for Native music. “The 2017 IAIA Music Fest was an amazing day of entertainment. Beginning with the students from our Performing Arts department, the IAIA campus was filled with beautiful sound and energy.”

Davis said the weather added to the positive energy of the day. “The weather held up for us, and only worked to highlight the incredible performances by IAIA student Dakota Yazzie and Manifest Destiny, IAIA student Katrina Benally and Pray For Brain.”


Davis also complimented the other artists at the festival.

Def-I at the IAIA Music Festival.

Def-I at the IAIA Music Festival.

“Def-I put on one of his usual great shows, Lakota John channeled the spirit of Robert Johnson in a solo set highlighted by his soulful singing and playing, JJ Otero and his band Son of Hwéeldi rocked the crowd and Innastate really put the icing on the cake with a performance that is one of the best this campus has ever seen. It was a near-perfect day at IAIA.”

JJ Otero, whose band Son of Hwéeldi played at the fest, summed up the day, "The IAIA Music Fest is a great event. There was a tremendous amount of creativity seen all around. I was impressed with the school's musical talents that opened the show."

Davis said he looks forward to hosting the IAIA Music Festival every year. "Historically, students have organized music events on campus the day after our pow wow. This year, we decided to make it a school-produced event that we can replicate on an annual basis.”

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