"Seed of Life" by Radmilla Cody

PHOENIX, Ariz. ? Nammy award-winner Radmilla Cody's "Seed of Life" presents traditional Din? (Navajo) songs that commemorate the heritage of her matrilineal line. This recording, the second album for an up-and-coming artist, was released in 2001 by Canyon Records.

The CD features 11 tracks sung primarily a cappella in the Navajo language and sometimes accompanied by drum, water drum and rattle. The songs were written by Herman Cody, Radmilla's uncle, who also provided the English translation for the liner notes. On Sept. 7, "Seed of Life" earned Cody the 2002 Native American Music Award for best female artist.

"In this album I share valuable songs of our elders. These songs speak on their perception of life and how we as youth should view our grandparents and the role they play in our lives," said Cody.

The album is dedicated to her grandmother Dorothy Cody for being the "seed in my life and wind beneath my wings." She credits her grandmother with planting the Navajo language and life-sustaining methods of the Din? within her.

Cody, Red Bottom clan, had her share of hardships growing up half Navajo and half African-American. She overcame the prejudices and passionately embraced the Din? way of life.

Apart from her budding music career, she was also chosen in 1997 to be the 46th Miss Navajo Nation. Cody excelled in the week-long judging by showing her knowledge of traditional as well as current issues, performing traditional and contemporary talents and excelling in the frybread and butchering competitions.

Cody's first album "Within the Four Directions, A Tribute to the Navajo Way of Life," earned her Nammy nominations in 2001 for best historical recording and best female artist.

To learn more about Cody and where to purchase "Seed of Life," write to Canyon Records, 3131 West Clarendon Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. 85017 or call (800) 268-1141. You can also visit www.canyonrecords.com on the Internet, or e-mail canyon@canyonrecords.com.