Second 'Six Pack and Gas Money' Teaser Released

A new teaser trailer for Six Pack and Gas Money by Steven Judd starring Brian Frejo

Six Pack and Gas Money is a project by filmmaker Steven Paul Judd that could be described as a Tarantino-style American Indian action flick. Indeed, in an interview with Indian Country Today, Judd recalled, "“I was at Haskell when Pulp Fiction came out, and we loved it—but I wish we could have had Indian people in that movie. They would have cool lines, and we would be repeating stuff they were saying.”

In May 2011, the first teaser for A Six Pack and Gas Money turned up on YouTube. Judd has now posted a second teaser clip, accompanied by this statement on the page: "not sure if I'll ever get the money needed to make this movie, but I enjoy seeing Natives in a modern action setting, so I'll keep making teaser trailers for it. Starring Brian Frejo, edited/visual effects by R Charles Stuart, music by Johnny Cash."

Here's the new clip: