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Second Racist Sonic Sign: Scalp and 'Drain the Firewater' of Redskins

Turns out a second sign appeared outside the Sonic in Belton, Missouri. This one saying "SCALP THE REDSKINS DRAIN THE FIREWATER -- OUT OF THEM --"

On Sunday, December 8 a Belton, Missouri Sonic Drive-In Restaurant posted a sign emblazoned with the phrase “KC CHIEFS” WILL SCALP THE REDSKINS FEED THEM WHISKEY SEND – 2 – RESERVATION.

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Hours after the sign was taken down, the Sonic Corporation issued an apology, which partially stated:

An independent franchise owner allowed two sets of remarks to be posted on a message board outside his restaurant. The remarks were wrong, offensive and unacceptable.

The first sign was replaced by another which read: “KC CHIEFS” WILL SCALP THE REDSKINS DRAIN THE FIREWATER -- OUT OF THEM --

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In the N.O.A.C.A: Natives Of America, Canada & Alaska Community on Google+ created by +Orval Elliot, one of the group’s moderators posted the later version of the sign. In the post, +Shawn S. wrote:

Sonic politely asked the owner to change his sign the first time, he changed it to this. This was the second offensive sign before the “apology”. Which is why I question sincerity.

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The owner of the Sonic in Missouri has been directed by Sonic corporate to not comment, but Patrick Lenow, vice president of public relations for SONIC, again apologized for both signs. He said in an email:

There were two offensive, wrong messages posted. Our understanding is the first was displayed for about 15 minutes and a poor attempt to rectify it was posted for about 10 minutes, so both were part of the same incident. Both messages are unacceptable and contrary to the values of our brand. Sonic and the local owner are sorry that such unacceptable messages were posted for any duration and are working through a process to prevent any type of reoccurrence.

Our response is simple as it is guided by our values. What was done by one individual was very wrong. Ignorance is not an excuse. People were hurt by these messages and accountability must be taken. Apologies are appropriate and processes for preventing in the future are also appropriate.