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Sean Wells recognized as outstanding student

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BINGER, Okla. – Sean Kione Wells, a 4th grader at Mission Elementary School, has been chosen as March’s outstanding student in the Caddo song and dance classes sponsored by the Hasinai Society.

The Hasinai Society, with the assistance of the Oklahoma Arts Council, is hosting a series of Caddo song and dance classes. The classes are held weekly on Wednesday evenings and are open to anyone who is interested in learning Caddo songs and dances. Jimmy Reeder works with the boys, teaching them the Caddo songs, while Shirley Gouge teaches the songs’ choreography to the girls.

Because of his dedication to learning his tribal songs and regular attendance of the classes, Sean can lead the Flag Song and can sing the Caddo Prayer song and Amazing Grace in Caddo. With a little help, he can start the Fish Dance, and he is learning to lead the Stomp Dance.

Sean is a member of the Hasinai Band of the Caddo Nation and has been active in the Hasinai Society for two years. He participates in football and has earned a brown belt in karate. He is a straight A student. In addition to Caddo dancing, Sean is an outstanding fancy dancer. He is a lifelong member of the Oh-Ho-Mah Lodge, and he is a Hawk.

Sean is the son of Robert L. and Shirley Wells and the brother of Scott Paddlety and Samantha Alohalani Wells. On his mother’s side, Sean is the grandson of Nora Elizabeth Conner (Caddo, Delaware, Kiowa) and Robert W. Woodrow; the great-grandson of Wilbur Conner (Caddo, Delaware) and Hannah Keahbone (Kiowa); the great-great-grandson of Harris Conner and Nora Edwards (Caddo), Edgar Keahbone (Kiowa) and Sindi Mopope Keahbone (Cheyenne and Arapaho); and the great-great-great-grandson of Willie and Adeline Edwards (Caddo). On his father’s side, Sean is the grandson of Ben L. Wells and Emmaline Piilani Kealoha Wells.

For event information on the Hasinai Society and its weekly classes, contact Shirley Gouge at (405) 247-1895 or by e-mail at For information regarding the Oklahoma Arts Council, contact Public Information Director Ann Dee Lee, at (405) 521-2931, or e-mail at