Seahawks QB Russell Wilson: ‘I’ve Got Some Native American in Me’

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File / In this Nov. 23, 2014, file photo, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) smiles after an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals in Seattle. AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File

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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson: ‘I’ve Got Some Native American in Me’.

Here’s a bit of trivia that the many Seattle Seahawks fans in Indian country ought to know: Russell Wilson, quarterback of the Super Bowl-bound team, has said on more than one occasion that he is part Native American. In May, Wilson visited Seattle Children’s Hospital, and posted the picture to Facebook with the caption “Selfie with my girl LaLa @seattlechildrens She’s got Native American in her like me!”

Wilson did not specify a Tribe or Nation, although several Native fans expressed curiousity. The overall reaction, though, was one of simple Native pride, with a strong showing from the Tribes of the Pacific Northwest:

“God continue to Bless you n those you touch. Go Hawks<3 I’m Quileute, and nothing to do with twilight.. Lol”

“Atowamiish Russell…we the YAKAMA NATION love our SEATTLE SEAHAWKS”

“What’s up Native… Love what you do for people in need of inspiration like you… Native people here in Washington state sure love you Russ…especially here at the Lummi Nation.. Go Hawks”

“Shout out from Snoqualmie Tribe, Snoqualmie, WA! You’re a great player and a phenomenal human being !”

“Thank you, (wado), for taking time out for these amazing kids. Cheroke here. (Tsalagi)”

“Prayers she get better soon Bruh… Awesome Pic of ya two… I’m Inupiaq Eskimo & muh Baby is Quinault from Washington…”

“Native Pride Squaxin & Puyallup All Day. Go Hawks!!!”

“Love the selfie…also that is great knowing you are part Native American. I knew I liked you, I am NA from Montana the Blackfeet tribe. You sre great guy Russell.”

For any armchair genealogists who might have some insight—Wilson was born in Ohio.

This was not the first time Wilson has mentioned his Native ancestry. In this 2013 video, he said the same thing in a response to a fan’s question:

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Oki mr Wilson welcome to.our native family you are all as one we are big native American tribes I am from browning mt blackfeet is my tribe have a blessed day and thank you


@NKent805 I doubt it! He looks like he has a lot of European “in” him!


Unfortunately Mr. Wilson has no Native American ancestry, just another case of the Mythological Indian blood myth that most Black and White families have that they love to fantasize about! Weird...I know. Both sides of his family go back to slave owners and slaves, with one line going back to an English ancestress. His African is 65 percent the rest is European with 1 percent West Asian which is Something like Iranian, packistan, or Afghanistan. Not one percent comes from the Americas!


I'm an enrolled member of the Mandan, Hidatsa, & Arikara Nation in North Dakota. My family is huge Seahawks Fans and we love Russell Wilson, Dk Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, KJ Wright, Griffin Brothers, Bobby Wagner, Dickson, Gordon, Clowney, Hollister, Ansah, Tre Flowers, Reed, Luke Wilson, Josh Gordon, Rashaad Penny, Chris Carson, Ifedi, McDougald and of course Pete Carol! This team has an amazing coach and all team players. Always helping one another and so postive for our youth! My family are Seahawks Fan , we bleed Green and Blue! My boys always make Seahawks Football Field for Valentine's Day, they wear their jerseys and beanies to school to Rep Seahawks! I I always thought Russell Wilson was native you can see it in him. Hes always humble and always positive attitude! Go Seahawks! My goal is to get my family to the game when they play SF 49ers at home. Fingers crossed, eyes crossed we make the game!! Go Seattle Seahawks! We Are 12🏈🏈💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙


well first to comment on this pist.... myself am part Native American, by mathematics only 12%...but come from 1st Nations Ppl. Metis-Cree people. it took along time to trace where and the roll#. now for the fun part, in genetics you WILL NEVER know what you are, this being due to RNA from your Maternal lineage, now this stops being passed once a woman has a son. so unless your father has a sister to get your Paternal line all you can get is .01% of what you really are. it is an involved process in genetics to match the alleles to certain ethnicity groups in particular... I know and have family members that look like no caucasoid blood is in them, but and it is a big but, they have blue eyes... my granddaughter has pretty platinum hair and dark complexion with beautiful dark chocolate brown eyes odd combo to have naturally.... so for everybody, ya shouldn't look at ppl because of skin color... as well, just to add their is only 3 ethnic diversity's... caucasoid negroid Mongol, of these a basic 27 types of all, now there is NO ONE with only 1 ethnic blood in them... so we are all just a mixture of parts from the past that was chosen by the creator as our unique design....wider view of intellect will help ones view of others and change your ideology. my uncle's dad my grammas 2nd husband is a full blooded Navajo Indian, alot of ppl don't believe he's my uncle because we don't resemble each other, but that's how the real magic works