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Save the Date: Tuscarora Nation Migration Project Welcoming Celebration

A story about the Tuscarora Nation Migration Project, which will culminate with a return to Tuscarora Nation in New York for a celebration on June 1.
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On March 23, seven young adults from the Tuscarora Nation started on a 1,200 mile journey, tracing their ancestor’s footsteps from 300 years ago. Starting at Snow Hill, North Carolina after a monument dedication to the Tuscarora people, they began canoeing, hiking, biking, and running their way home to the Tuscarora Nation in New York State.

 In 1713, the Tuscarora people faced their last stand at Fort Neyuheru’:ke before making their mass departure out of North Carolina. After this long siege, many of the Tuscarora people were lost to slavery and death. At least 2,000 men, women, and children lost their lives before and during the 1713 Tuscarora Trail of Tears.

 Today, the Tuscarora Nation lives peacefully among the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy, located nine miles outside Niagara Falls, New York. The journey which took their Tuscarora ancestors of 1713 more than 100 years to travel, will take these young Tuscarora adults 70 days through 6 states and 250 miles of hiking the Appalachian mountains. During this lofty endeavor these young adults are:

Sharing the Tuscarora story of their amazing indigenous survival; Bringing attention to climate shift; and raising awareness about the need for more "human-powered" movement.

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The last day of their journey will start at the Tonawanda Seneca Territory near Basom, New York, on June 1, 2013. They plan to arrive in Sanborn, New York around 2 p.m. to be greeted by many of the Tuscarora Nation people who will help bring them home the last 6 miles. At the Tuscarora Nation Boundary around 3 p.m. on Walmore Road and Route 31 they will be met by the Tuscarora chiefs, clanmothers, elders, family and friends to partake in a traditional greeting. The end of their journey will be at the Tuscarora Nation House, 5226 Walmore Road, Tuscarora Nation Territory, with a potluck dinner and celebration into the evening for their safe arrival home.

For more information, contact the Tuscarora Environment Office at 716-990-0146. You can also see more updates on Facebook at 2013 Tuscarora Migration Project and at their website