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Saturday Night Videos: 20 of Our Favorite Artists

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Here are 20 editor and fan favorite artists to entertain you on a lazy August weekend. Many thanks to our Facebook friends Terra Matthews-Hartwell (for recommending Kinnie Star and Skeena Reece), Dee Torrez (Robert Mirabal) and Jude Fox (Mandaree Singers). Enjoy!

Jana Mashonee featuring Derek Miller: A Change is Gonna Come

Susan Aglukark: Dreams for You

Michael Bucher: You’re Not Alone

Robert Mirabal: Valley of Dreams

Bill Miller: Geroninomo's Caddy

Bill Miller: Reservation Road

Kyra Climbingbear

Skeena Reece: Benefit Concert for Urban Native Youth

Samantha Crain & Penny Hill: Ooh Ooh

Kinnie Starr: Another's Gone

Buffy Sainte Marie: Helpless

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Jimmy Wolf: Old Joe Clark

Jose Cabezas: Ancient Winds

Archie Cavanaugh: Our Romance

Litefoot: Know Me

Litefoot: My Chick

JJ Kent and Arvel Bird: Jam Out in the Living Room

Morgan Fawcett: Tears of my Father

Morgan Fawcett: Savannah's Song

Katia Rock at the Montreal First Peoples' Festival 2011

Samian Tshinanu at the Montreal First Peoples' Festival 2011

Leanne Goose at the 2009 Gathering of Nations

Joey Stylez: Kool Runnin (official music video)