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Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Mission Indians, California

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The tribe wants aircraft from nearby Santa Ynez Airport to stop flights over the reservation and its casino. Tribal officials said in a Sept. 12 letter to supervisors that they want Santa Barbara County to 'cease and desist'' allowing aircraft to fly over reservation airspace or face a possible suit. 'I believe it's just a misunderstanding,'' said Jim Kunkle, the board president of the Santa Ynez Airport Authority. The misunderstanding apparently refers to the tribe's belief that it has jurisdiction over airspace above its reservation. The casino is less than 2,000 feet west of the airport runway. In the letter, also sent to the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments, the tribe suggested the county must obtain an 'avigation'' easement before allowing planes to fly over its airspace. The tribe recently complained about airplanes flying low over the reservation. Construction crews operating a tall crane used to build the parking garage said planes have become an occasional hazard.