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Santa Ana Star Casino launches live weekly game show

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SANTA ANA PUEBLO, N.M. – Combining the formats, games, prizes and fun of the nationally televised game shows “The Price is Right” and “Let’s Make a Deal,” Santa Ana Star Casino, one of New Mexico’s leading Native American gaming casinos, launched “Your Game Show” to provide casino guests with the prizes, excitement and fanfare of a nationally televised game show.

Hosted by New Mexico radio personality Joe Biondi, “Your Game Show” will take place twice a week. The live event is held every Tuesday with shows at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the casino’s Bosque Event Center. The weekly game shows will run through Nov. 24 with the “Your Game Show” finale Nov. 27 at 7 p.m. All weekly winners have the opportunity to compete in the finale for grand prizes including automobiles, trips, electronics, furniture and cash prizes.

“Santa Ana Star Casino is very excited to offer its guests ‘Your Game Show’ in the vein of the popular televised programs ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ and ‘The Price is Right.’ We’ve created a fun way for our guests to win prizes with the fanfare and excitement of a live game show and a celebrity host,” said Michael Burdick, director of marketing for Santa Ana Star Casino. “Our twice-weekly game shows allow contestants to play television-style games and compete for prizes ranging between household items and automobiles. We expect to have dozens of winners every week.”

Guests received a free ticket to “Your Game Show” by earning 500 points from casino game play during the previous week. As they enter the Bosque Event Center, their ticket stub will be taken and placed into a drawing bin. At the start of each “Your Game Show,” the host will draw four ticket stubs. Four guests, whose ticket stub number corresponds with the number drawn, will be invited to come on stage and compete in a “Price is Right”-style bidding game. During the game, the guest who is the closest in guessing the actual retail value of the item featured will win the product and have the opportunity to play another television game show-style contest for a prize of higher value.

The guest will be given the chance to make a deal and trade in the original prize he/she just won to see what is behind one of the closed curtains and the possibility to play for an item of higher value, similar to “Let’s Make a Deal.” If the guest decides not to make the deal, the contestant will end his/her participation in “Your Game Show” and exit the stage with his/her original prize. If that happens, a new guest will be selected from the bin to join the three original contestants and once again play the “Price is Right”-style bidding game.

This cycle continues until a winning contestant makes a deal and selects the unknown item behind the curtain. Once that happens, the guest selects randomly a new television game show-style contest to play for the item that’s behind the curtain. The “Your Game Show” games include:


The host presents the contestant with a large Plinko chip. He then shows the guest two small prizes and reveals two sets of possible prices for the value of each prize. If he/she guesses the correct price of each prize, the contestant is awarded an additional chip for each correct answer. The guest then climbs to the top of the oversized pegged Plinko board and drops the chips. The Plinko chips bounce around hitting the pegs until they land in slots representing money amounts. The amounts range between $0 and $1,000. The guest wins a cash prize corresponding to the cumulative total of the amounts on the slots where the Plinko chips landed.

Punch Board

The host shows the contestant three small items with a higher or lower price posted next to each product. The host asks the guest to determine if the actual price is higher or lower than the one presented. For every correct guess, the contestant can punch a hole in the punch board. After all the holes are punched, the host retrieves an envelope from the first hole punched that contains the name and value of a prize. If the guest was able to punch multiple holes in the board, he/she will have the opportunity to accept that prize or exchange it for a prize envelope in the other hole the contestant punched. The prizes range between $25 and a new automobile.

Easy as 1-2-3

The host unveils three prizes. The contestant is provided with one, two and three numbered blocks and has to arrange them in order of the prizes’ value ranging between least expensive and most expensive. After the guest has placed the numbered blocks next to the prizes, the order between least and most expensive is revealed and the contestant wins each prize that he/she has correct.

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Squeeze Play

The host unveils the price of a prize to the guest. It is composed of five digits with the first and last two numbers in the price being correct. The contestant selects one of the three interior numbers to be removed. Once the digit is taken away, the number is squeezed together and the correct price is shown. If the guest’s numbers match the actual price of the product, he/she wins the prize.

Pick a Pair

The host presents the contestant with six grocery items. Within the six products, three sets of two items have the same price. The guest is challenged to select two items that have identical prices. If the prices match, the contestant wins the game and the prize. If the prices did not match, he/she tries again. The guest keeps one of the items (discards the other) and selects another grocery product that he/she thinks will match the price of the first one selected. If the contestant is able to match the prices, he/she wins the prize.

Secret X

The host unveils an oversized tic tac toe board with the middle column on the board covered. The host presents the contestant with a free “X” to start the game and he/she can put it anywhere in the first or third column avoiding the middle covered column. To receive more “Xs,” the guest is presented with two small items each showing two different prices. He/she is asked to guess the correct price of the products. If the contestant selects the correct prices, he/she wins additional “Xs” to be placed on the board. After the guest has placed the “Xs” on the board, the host unveils the middle column where an “X” has been secretly placed prior to the start of the game. If the contestant wins a tic tac toe (three “Xs” across or diagonal), he/she wins the prize.

Pick a Number

The host shows the contestant a prize and its price. However, one digit in the price is missing. The host provides the guest with three possibilities for the missing digit. He/she selects one of the three numbers and if it is the missing one, the contestant wins the prize.

The Range Game

The host presents the contestant with an item that ranges in value between $0 and $1,000. The value range is indicated on a scale and presented on an oversized board with a “Range Finder.” As the game begins, the “Range Finder” climbs the scale from $0 and moves in $50 increments. The contestant is given the opportunity to stop the “Range Finder” when he/she thinks it has climbed to the actual value of the item. If the guest stops the “Range Finder” within $75 of the products actual value, he/she wins the prize.

Blank Check

The host shows the contestant a prize without revealing its three digit price tag. The guest is asked to write an amount on a blank check that when added to the value of the prize totals between $1,000 and $1,250. If the contestant is correct, he/she wins the prize and the amount of money on the check.

One Wrong Price

The host unveils three products to the contestant with their prices displayed. Two of the items are priced correctly and one of the products is priced incorrectly. The host challenges the guest to identify the item with the incorrect price. If the contestant selects the mispriced item, he/she wins the prize.

After each television game show-style contest, the winning contestant has the opportunity to make a deal and keep his/her prize or exchange it for an unknown prize valued between $600 and $13,000 behind another curtain. The top winner of each “Your Game Show” will be asked to give up his/her prize for the chance to participate in the “Your Game Show” finale on Friday, Nov. 27, with prizes valued between $5,000 and $22,000.

“We want ‘Your Game Show’ contestants to ‘come on down,’ win prizes, make deals, and choose what’s behind the curtains. We are awarding them the best prizes possible and creating excitement for the ‘Your Game Show’ finale on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year,” said Burdick. “Santa Ana Star Casino is thrilled to be giving our guests hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prizes throughout the next 37 days.”

The companies and organizations that will be providing prizes to “Your Game Show” include Melloy Nissan, Paradise Village Electronics, Ashley Furniture Home Store, The Hyatt Regency Tamaya, Scooteroo, Go With Nancy, Nob Hill Bar and Grill, Three Deep Breaths A Healing Studio, The Melting Pot, The Blind Man, Casa Verde Salon and Spa, La Provence Restaurant, Jon Ric Salon and Day Spa, and Santa Ana Star Center.