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San Carlos Apache Tribe, Arizona

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The San Carlos Apache Cultural Center at Peridot, east of Globe, is launching a series of evening classes aimed at presenting aspects of the Apache culture to both tribal members and non-American Indians, center director Herb Stevens announced. "We will have cradleboard-making, basketweaving, dress and ribbon shirt-making, Apache moccasin boot-making, some pottery-making ? even though that's not Apache ? and some conversational Apache language classes. This is part of what the Cultural Center structure was supposed to be,'' Stevens said. He said lack of time and funding until now has precluded such classes. Stevens said he hopes to add Apache violin-making and bow-and-arrow classes as well. Each class will last four or five evenings, he said. Most classes are free, but the center encourages $5 donations to cover the cost of electricity and materials. The moccasin boot-making class, he said, will cost $60 because of the cost of the leather.

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