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Salish Numbers Book Helps Kids Learn Native Language

A new Salish Numbers book is meant to help the younger generations learn the Native American language.
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Children aged 2 to 6 can now learn to count in ns?lxcin—the Colville-Okanagan Interior Salish Language spoken by Native American and First Nations peoples who live between the Cascade and Rocky Mountains in Washington and British Columbia, Canada.

The 26-page book ns?lxcin sc?ak?—Salish Numbers by Jennifer Childress is illustrated with full-color photographs and includes a pronunciation guide. The book was published by Shinkashim, which is a division of Childress Media & Design, LLC, which according to its website "offers Interior Salish language books and educational materials for young children as part of the on-going effort to preserve and promote the family of endangered Interior Salish languages."

The book is $19.95 for paperback and $49.95 for hardcover. To download the order form visit the Shinkashim website.

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