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Saginaw Grant and Rick Mora Discuss Headdresses, 'Ridiculous 6' in NZ

Hear what Rick Mora and Saginaw Grant told the New Zealand press about feather headdresses and The Ridiculous Six.

Actors Saginaw Grant and Rick Mora are currently in Wellington, New Zealand, to host workshops at the Armageddon Expo (July 17-19), and upon their arrival spoke with the press on a number of issues. Mora addressed misuse of feather headdresses, sometimes called "warbonnets."

"We are a beautiful people but our artifacts are [sacred] when we wear the horns of the deer it's to honour the spirit of that deer and to know that deer provided for us and gave sustenance for another season," Mora said, according to a report at "When someone else adopts that kind of wear cosmetically ... it's almost insulting. So when you open that box, like women wearing headdresses? Not okay. Never okay."

Additionally, Saginaw Grant addressed the controversy over the Adam Sandler film The Ridiculous Six. "Adam's a good man," Grant said. "There's been a lot of criticism about what he's done. And I was on the set -- I had to be there, I took the job, I belong to the union, so I stayed there and I didn't regret it. There were only three of them that I know of that actually walked off. And they don't even practise the traditions, that I know of."