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Saginaw Grant and Other Natives in Hollywood Come Together for Idle No More PSA

A public service announcement for and starring Saginaw Grant, Crystle Lightning, the Baker Twins, Rick Mora, Marisa Quinn, DeLanna Studi
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This is a public service announcement made by JT Pro Imaging and overseen by actor Saginaw Grant for and starring Native celebrities of all ages. Those appearing in addition to Grant includeShannon Baker and Shauna Baker (the Baker Twins), Sam Bearpaw, Shayna Jackson, Crystle Lightning, Zahn McClarnon, Rick Mora, Rocky Navajo, Marisa Quinn, MC Red Cloud, DeLanna Studi, Alan Tafoya, and Shaun Taylor-Corbett.

A collection of studio portraits from the project can be seen at the JT Pro Imaging blog.


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Josh Tousey - Producer
Jennifer Tousey -stylist
Sean Stromsoe - chief videographer/editor
JT Pro Imaging official site
JT Pro Imaging on Facebook