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Sacred Sites: Eagle Rock, Michigan

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Some sacred sites are threatened, and others are on the road to recovery; Eagle Rock, on Michigan's Upper Peninsula, awaits its scheduled end like a convict on death row.

Rio Tinto, a UK-based mining company, plans to demolish Eagle Rock for the sake of mining primarily nickel and copper, but also gold and other precious metals. Eagle Rock is sacred to the Anishinaabe people, who call it Migi zii wa sin.

A year ago, activists camped out on Eagle Rock for a month, but were eventually forced off by Michigan police, and two of them were arrested. Defenders of Eagle Rock have been fighting a legal battle against Rio Tinto and Kennecott Eagle Minerals Co.; as things currently stand, according to the activist blog, Rio Tinto says it will not begin blasting at Eagle Rock earlier than September 14.

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