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Sacred Power Will Air Sci-Fi Super Bowl Commercial

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During commercial breaks between the Steelers and Packers vying for the Super Bowl XLV title at the Cowboys Stadium on February 6, two Albuquerque, New Mexico-based businesses: Sacred Power and halflife* digital, will run their commercial collaboration that promotes renewable energy.

Aired 12 times on Super Bowl Sunday, including once during game time, the commercial will show “photons, staged in the sun, undertaking a heroic journey of self-sacrifice to bring power and life to the earth,” states the Sacred Power news release.

Sacred Power Co-owner and President/CEO David MeltonLaguna Pueblo, approached the full service production and post company halflife* digital two months ago with a proposal to develop a unique commercial.

“For ten years, Sacred Power has been in the renewable energy business and as we look to grow our business and take it to the next level, it just made sense to take our product to where consumers are, and what better venue than Super Bowl Sunday?” Melton said in the company press release.

David Garcia, creative director for halflife* digital, shaped Melton’s vision into a “sci-fi epic drawing on a long tradition from filmmakers like Kubric, Lucas and yes, even Woody Allen,” he said in the release.

“The sheer scope of the project and demand for heavy lifting in the imagination department make it exactly the kind of project that gets us out of bed in the morning,” Garcia said.

Following the Super Bowl, the commercial will run for ten days, 25 times, on Channel 13, KRQE, in addition to being posted on YouTube and Sacred Power’s website You can also catch Sacred Power on Channel 2, Kasa’s New Mexico Style on Monday, February 7th.