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Sacred Items Returned to Menominee Indian Tribe

The Athens Museum in Ohio recently returned six items, including two eagle feather headdresses to the Menominee Indian Tribe in Wisconsin.
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The Athens County Historical Society & Museum in Athens, Ohio recently returned some items to the Menominee Indian Tribe in Wisconsin—most notably two eagle feather headdresses.

Lynne Newell, who is in charge of special projects for the Athens Museum, said the pieces were from “a very large collection of Native American and natural history items,” reported The Athens News.

The collection had been donated to the museum in 1999, but portions of it were just discovered recently by current staff.

Documents with the six returned artifacts state they were purchased in the 1920s at a Wisconsin trading post from Reginald Oshkosh, a Menominee tribal chief.

Newell told The Athens News that tribal members were pleased to have their items back.

“Everyone we talked with was excited that ACHS&M took good care of their heritage and returned the items to their original home,” Newell said.

Along with the two headdresses, three moccasins and one pipe or bandolier bag were returned as well.

The Athens News

Reginald Oshkosh