Sac & Fox Nation, Oklahoma


Six beds in the nation's 60-bed juvenile detention facility will be set aside for youths coming out of the BIA court system. Sac and Fox spokesman Truman Carter said the agreement opens up an important resource for BIA judges, who previously had few options when dealing with young offenders. "Literally the BIA judges had no place to house a serious offender coming out of the court,'' Carter said. "They just had to order them to go back to their parents and that may not be in the best interest of the community.'' The tribe's juvenile facility, about five miles south of Stroud, opened in 1996 and houses serious juvenile offenders for several Oklahoma counties and Indian tribes, among other state and federal agencies. Carter said the detention center is at full capacity and is a needed resource for agencies and tribes in a state perpetually short on places to house juvenile offenders. "There are just not enough juvenile delinquent bed spaces across Oklahoma,'' Carter said. "I think we could stand to have about three more of these 60-bed facilities built.''