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Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa

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A Sicangu Lakota married to a member of the Meskwaki tribe says he's willing to divorce his wife so the tribe won't be able to evict her and their two daughters. Eloise and James Iron Shell have until Oct. 22 to leave their home. On the settlement west of Tama, only Meskwaki males can live in a tribal house with a spouse or partner of a different tribe or race. One sign reads "J. Iron Shell, you don't belong here! Please leave.'' Tribal executive director Larry Lasley, a relative of Eloise Iron Shell, declined to comment, saying he was following tribal rules. James Iron Shell was ordered to leave the Meskwaki casino Oct. 12. The Tama County sheriff's office took him to the department. The county attorney's office said it likely will not file criminal trespassing charges the tribe requested. It filed trespassing charges when the tribe tried to order Iron Shell out of the home, but they were dropped when tribal leaders ignored subpoenas and did not appear at trial in July. Assistant Tama County Attorney Richard Vander Mey said Oct. 13 he believes the Meskwaki policy discriminates against Iron Shell because of race and against his wife because of gender.

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