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Russell Means, the Movie: Watch 20 Minutes of 'Conspiracy to Be Free'

Watch a lengthy preview clip from the Russell Means documentary 'Conspiracy to Be Free.' The late Lakota activist will be honored in NYC on Monday.
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The late Lakota activist Russell Means was also a film actor, so this won't be the first time his face has loomed large on the silver screen. But this is different from Natural Born Killers and Last of the Mohicans, two of Means' better known films -- this time, Means isn't playing a character in a story. This time, in Conspiracy to Be Free, Russell Means is the story. The documentary is being executive-produced by Pearl Daniel-Means, Russell's widow, and directed by Colter Johnson.

A statement at explains that "The film will illuminate the many different methods and talents Russell Means used to galvanize the immense power of the media in his fight for freedom, making an impact through acting in Hollywood blockbusters, writing, painting and fine art, political protests and campaigns. He is perhaps most widely noted for several historic speeches that have elevated him into the pantheon of great American statesmen. Few individuals in history have had such a powerful and lasting impact on humankind’s quest for liberty and freedom."

Below is a 21-minute clip described by the filmmakers as the "full teaser" of Conspiracy to Be Free.