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Rural Education Leaders Meeting in Montana

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Denise Juneau, Montana state superintendent for public instruction, will host rural education leaders from across the country in Big Sky, Montana June 7-10. The conference will give heads of state education departments the opportunity to address current education issues in rural states.

"I am looking forward to speaking with my peers about how we're working to improve education outcomes in Montana," Juneau said in a press release. "Rural states face unique challenges in implementing federal reforms and overcoming geographic and economic barriers, so it's critical that we have the opportunity to share best practices with each other."

The first day of the conference will address Native American education issues, including closing the achievement gap, and will feature presentations from the Bureau of Indian Education as well as Juneau.

Other topics will include how to improve academic achievement is rural schools, as well as ways to leverage resources, particularly around the common core state standards and new assessments.

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Representatives from the United States Department of Education will be on hand to discuss federal funding opportunities and representatives from the United States Department of Agriculture will address the "brain drain" in rural America.

States participating include Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington and Wyoming.