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Rosetta Stone reviving language of Chitimacha Tribe

Rosetta Stone is helping revive the language of the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana through its exclusive offering of the Chitimacha language version of Rosetta Stone software.

This is an important milestone for the tribe, as their last fluent speaker died in 1940. The tribe’s Cultural Department began its language revitalization program more than 10 years ago by using wax cylinder recordings and field notes made 65 years before by renowned linguist Morris Swadesh. Using the Rosetta Stone software will enable the entire tribe regardless of their location, to communicate as they did more than 75 years ago.

Some members of the tribe visited Rosetta Stone in Harrisonburg. People to interview would be a member of the tribe as well as with Marion Bittinger, manager of the Rosetta Stone Endangered Language Program.

Contact Stephanie at (972) 341-2536 for further information and photographs. I would like a 700 – 800 word story about the program, why it was started and what the tribal members think it will do for their culture. Another contact could be Reilly Brennan, (703) 387-5863 or Deadline would be March 1.

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