Roderick Plentyhawk Named as Suspect in Crow Nation Triple Murder

Courtesy Roderick Plentyhawk, 32, is wanted for questioning in the shooting deaths of three people and the injuries of two after a meth-related incident on August 4 on the Crow Nation in Montana.

Lynn Cordova

Roderick Plentyhawk Named as Suspect in Crow Nation Triple Murder

Plentyhawk, 32, is wanted for questioning for the murder of three people and the injuring of two following a meth-related incident on the Crow Nation.

As authorities continue their manhunt for the person who shot and killed three people, injuring two, on the Crow Nation, one suspect named in an internal memo sent to police following a BOLO alert (translated as “be on the lookout”) is wanted for questioning, according to reports.

Police and the FBI are seeking to question Roderick Plentyhawk, 32, in the shooting deaths of Leslie Frank Nomee Jr., 27, Denise Stewart Nomee, 25, and Nehemiah Brokenrope, 30, local station KTVQ reported. Leslie Frank Nomee Jr. and Denise Stewart Nomee were husband and wife, according to reports. Two other unidentified persons were injured after a meth-related altercation on August 4 in the small town of Lodge Grass in southeastern Montana. KTVQ reported that no arrests were made after federal investigators raided a home in the same town on August 5.

Later that afternoon, Crow Tribal Chairman Alvin Not Afraid Jr. set a mandatory curfew which still remains in effect. In a press release sent to Indian Country Media Network, Not Afraid Jr. identified the victims’ families as Blaine, White, Nomee, Hunts the Arrow, Stewart, Morning, Hoops, Falls Down, Takes the Horse and Not Afraid.

Alvin Not Afraid Jr. told KTVQ that it’s not like the Crow to “turn on our own.”

“Within our nation we’re all related in some way or another – whether it’s your second cousin or your fifth cousin, there’s a relationship there,” he said. You know, we tend to know each other here, even in the other communities, we have a sense of understanding of whose parents are who or whose child (belongs to) whom. So again an issue like – a tragedy like this really is devastating to the crow people because that is not like us – to turn on our own.”

Levi Flinn, media director for the Crow, did not respond to ICMN’s request for comment to confirm if Plentyhawk is a member of the nation.

Culture Editor Simon Moya-Smith contributed to this report.