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Ring Out 2010 with Plex's Latest

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Best Native American hip hop? Look northward, America, to Edmonton, and meet (if you haven't yet) Canadian rapper/producer Plex. His single "Spare Change" won the prize for Best Hip Hop Song at the most recent North American Indigenous Image Awards, and his album Brainstorm received rave reviews.

Here's "The Way it Should Be," posted just a few days ago to YouTube, and it's a throwback in the best way. The rapping recalls early Eminem, the Jamaican beat reminds us of Sublime, and the ridiculous sexy/comedic video looks like something out of 1989 -- you could parachute Public Enemy or Third Bass into this set and the pill-slinging nurses wouldn't bat a false eyelash. You can download this or other Plex tracks at Enjoy:

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