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Rick Mora Wants to Put Your Tribe on TV, and He Needs Your Help

One of Indian country's most successful male models is trying to get a series about Native America off the ground. Learn how to get involved.
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Would you like to see a TV series that spotlights, on a weekly basis, American Indian tribes all over the United States? How's this for a bonus -- it's hosted by Rick Mora, Yaqui and Apache, an actor who is perhaps the most successful Native male model working today? Well, that's what Mora and producers have in mind with Native America, and they're looking for funding through IndieGoGo. We asked Mora for more details on the project. 

In your own words, what is the idea behind Native America?

We want to feature the beauty, politics and roles various tribes played in the development of the United States. An insight into the who, what, where, when and why specific tribes have become who they are today and discussion on current issues affecting Indigenous Americans nationwide.

What are the challenges to getting this off the ground, and what sort of reception have you seen?

The producers of Native America have approached five different networks to get funding for our show. Every single network has said, "We love the idea but until we see how you are going to format the episodes we will not pick up the show." It's amazingly hard to get anything with the sole focus of Native Americans green-lit in Hollywood today. The reception to our approach has been amazing. We got 25,000 views in our first two days and it has kept growing. The Ingiegogo campaign ( has taken off with a wonderful response. We are far from our goal but have had a great start to get the series started.

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You've got a plan for the first episode -- where will you be filming and what ideas will you be focusing on?

My production partner is a full-blood Cherokee rez-baby whose grandma survived the Trail of Tears. I am sure she will be partial to that storyline but we have so many options and at this point are still considering options.

Can you tell us about the people you are working with -- producers, directors -- what did you like about their vision for this series?

As I said before, my production partner is generation survivor of the Trail of Tears. She runs Black Castle Productions here in Los Angeles. Native America was her vision as it was mine well before I was approached. So, it was a no-brainer when I was offered the opportunity to come on board as a host and producer. I am very proud of their approach to bring light to a culture so often put in the shadows.

What else is going on with you -- can you tell us about current or upcoming acting and modeling work?

I must admit my life is crazy. I am very honored by the Creator to be able to share with you the blessings. I have a feature film coming out February 27th, 2015 called Little Boy staring Kevin James, Emily Watson, Michael Rappaport, Ben Chaplin and more A-list actors. I play Kid Falcon, a magician's assistant to Ben Chaplin. Its a drama for the family night out. I have a horror film called Savaged; it should be out in the coming months. I've also got a couple of webisodes on YouTube: Lady Killers and Lust N Love. I have managed to end up on the cover of 15 romance novel covers in the last eight months and I am excited to announce the release of my first book available on Amazon & Kindle called "The Codex of Awakening". I encourage everyone to follow my network and visit my store on my website ( and to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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