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Rez Dog Rescue: Help Them Help Animals in Need

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Rez Dog Rescue is a nonprofit animal rescue and welfare group based on the Yakama Nation Reservation in Washington state. They receive no public or tribal funding, and rely solely on the generosity of concerned animal lovers. With just three people, they make a world of difference for animals in need.

The org's mission statement is: "Dedicated to rescuing abused, injured and unwanted dogs and cats in an effort to give them a 2nd chance in life."

Although donations are always accepted, the RDR is currently holding a fund-raiser, selling T-shirts and sweatshirts--all the proceeds going to helping animals in need. You can find out more about the fund-raiser here. To get your items before Christmas, you'll need to order before December 9.

The rescue's website can be reached by clicking here.

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And more about the pictured dog, Warrior, who was an abused pup. He recently posted the following message on Rez Dog Rescue's Facebook page: 

"Hello RDR Fans, it's your buddy Warrior. I thought I'd let you know, I've checked in to the Rez Dog Retreat for awhile. I'm just checking out part of my new yard in this picture. I'm look'n sooo goooood, thought you'd like to see how much weight I've put on and how much of my hair is growing back. You can still see my back bone, but my ribs are covered with some meat now. Most of my sores are healed, but I will still need medicated baths for ahwile. OK, so for my first day at the retreat, I got up, ate breakfast, went out to play with some kids, came in and slept close to my foster mom. After nap, we had lunch, went out and played some more, came back in and took another nap....Holy moleeee, when it got dark my foster mom tried to feed me again. I'm stuffed!!! Guess it's time for another nap!!! I get to use the computer so will be updating you more now that I'm at the retreat. OK, my friends, I'm fading fast, and there's a nice warm fire I should probably go lay by, so night night for now, Your Buddy, Warrior."

For more on Warrior, Rez Dog Rescue, and how to help them out, click here.