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Retired Patawomeck Chief Would Be 'Offended' if D.C. Team Changes Name

A story about a retired Indian tribe chief saying he'd be offended if the Washington Redskins changed their name.
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Robert "Two Eagles" Green is the longtime and recently retired chief of the Patawomeck Tribe, a state-recognized tribe in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Today, SiriusXM NFL Radio hosted Green for a discussion on the use of the term redskin by the Washington, D.C., NFL team (listen here). And he was quite frank in stating his opinion, Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Blog observes.

"I’ve been a Redskins fan for years. And to be honest with you, I would be offended if they did change it," Green said.

Green spoke on the air after, as ICTMN reported, 10 Congress members sent a letter to team owner Daniel Snyder urging him to change his club's name for being offensive--racist--to Native Americans.

The former chief also offered a history lesson. “I think what you have to do is look at where the name Redskins originated,” he said on the radio. “There are some that give the term Redskin a negative connotation — to indicate that it was created by the white man to offend the Indians — but in reality the term Redskins came from the Indians. And they referred to themselves oftentimes — in treaty negotiations, in meetings with the early settlers – as Redskins. So it’s not a term that the white man created; it’s actually a term that the Indians themselves created." Read more of what Green said here.

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