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Respecting American Indian Civil Rights

Upcoming conference will focus on respecting Native American Civil Rights.
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The second annual Pathways to Respecting American Indian Civil Rights Conference will be held at the University of Colorado (UNC) in Greeley, Colorado August 10 and 11.

“The conference promotes the training, education, and sharing of information between American Indians on and off-reservation with various federal, state, and local agencies, community organizations, educators, health care providers, and more,” states the event announcement.

Keynote speakers include John Echohawk, president and CEO of the Native American Rights Fund; John Walsh, U.S. attorney, District of Colorado; Troy Eid, chair, U.S. Committee on Indian Law and Order, and a former District of Colorado U.S. attorney; and Karen Artichoker, of the Indigenous Women’s Justice Institute.

Breakout session topics include:

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  • Environmental Justice
  • Nondiscrimination in Employment and Employment Opportunities through Tribal Employment Rights Offices
  • Sexual Violence in the Lives of Native Women
  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the American Indian Health Improvement Act
  • Civil Rights and Justice on Tribal Land
  • The Modern HIV Epidemic and its Challenges to Tribal Rights and Sovereignty
  • Culturally Aware Approaches to Address Harassment and Bullying

Registration is required, to do so visit

For more information contact Solomon Little Owl at or Evelyn McGregor at