Republicans = hypocrisy

For Republicans to somehow claim that the valiant efforts of the organization ACORN in registering more than a million people to vote is voter fraud, when their party engaged in the most egregious voter fraud in U.S. history in Florida in 2000 and my state of Ohio in 2004, is the epitome of hypocrisy.

We all remember the hanging chads, pregnant chads and the long list of abuses in the Florida elections of 2000. While Al Gore got the popular vote, and most likely the electoral vote, Republicans held the key positions and abused their power as only a right-winger can do to steal that election.

Then came the incompetent, war-mongering, anti-environmental Bush that made America hated the world over. He ignored the warning of Sept. 11 a month prior, and read a book to schoolchildren in Florida as our nation was under attack. It was an attack that he could have prevented.

Instead, he turned what was a free democracy into a fascist police state with the Patriot Act, which terrorizes innocent Americans with wiretaps and more than a million names on the Terrorist Watch List. We are embroiled in two wars without end, killing our young people and murdering hundreds of thousands of people with no purpose.

Our economy is in collapse and climate change is raging out of control, threatening the lives of billions of people this century, as well as the majority of species on our planet. Our very life support system is being destroyed, while our commander in chief fuels the fire of climate destruction.

We need change. Please vote for Barack Obama for president, and don’t get fooled by the right-wing propaganda. Then we can begin to repair and mend our troubled country instead of enduring four more years of chaos, war, economic collapse and destruction.

– Chad Kister
Athens, Ohio

Kister is the author of “Arctic Quest: Odyssey Through a Threatened Wilderness Area”; “Arctic Melting: How Climate Change is Destroying One of the World’s Largest Wilderness Areas” and “Against All Odds: The Struggle to Save the Ridges.” He is also the producer of the 2006 film, “Caribou People.”