Renown Native Artist Bunky Echo-Hawk to perform Live Art Joins Dance at Mother Earth Pow Wow


Bunky Echo-Hawk, Pawnee and Yakima, artist extraordinaire and most recently the man behind the artwork for Nike’s N7 apparel line, will perform his incredible live art show to start the 40th anniversary celebrations at this year’s Dance for Mother Earth Pow Wow in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

"Echo-Hawk’s performance is a composed live art experience," a pow wow press release stated. "His live art expression is a contemporary interpretation of the age-old tradition of recounting and recording the main events from the past year, painted on stretched hide it usually depicted great hunts or battles."

Echo-Hawk's performance will begin at 11:30 am during the drum call on Saturday. His performance will center around inspirations from the grand entry and short stories told by elders of the community after the invocation. Echo-Hawk will be painting the stories of the 40-year history of the Dance for Mother Earth Pow Wow, and the work that he produces will be gifted to the Native American Student Association.

There will be plenty of other 40th celebrations that will be conducted on Saturday evening and Sunday after each grand entry. "On Saturday evening Echo-Hawk will hold a hand drum performance and on Sunday he will hold a “bling contest” to showcase the community’s best handmade regalia and beadwork," the release stated.

Forty years after a small group of American Indian students and community members founded the annual Dance for Mother Earth Pow Wow in Ann Arbor, the event is now a hugely popular community-wide event hosted by the Native American Student Association at the University of Michigan. Thousands of people from Michigan, across the U.S., and Canada where Native American culture and traditions are celebrated.

For more information, visit the pow wow's website here.