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Relive the Triumph of the Nishiyuu Walkers in Video

[node:summary]Relive the moments when the Nishiyuu walkers strode into Ottawa on March 28, memorialized in video.
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More than a month after the Nishiyuu walkers marched triumphantly into Ottawa from the northern reaches of Ontario, they are continuing to inspire.

The original group of seven had snowshoed for two months from Whapmagoostui First Nation, up near the Arctic Circle, to Ottawa, joined along the way by nearly 300 more walkers. (Related: Idle No More Youth 'Show Strength of Cree Culture' in 900-Mile Frozen Trek to Ottawa)

Arriving at Parliament Hill on March 28, they were greeted by cheering crowds of up to 5,000, according to police estimates. (Related: Nishiyuu Youth Walkers Greeted by Cheering, Thousands-Strong Crowd in Ottawa)

The first video below captures the last minutes of the walkers’ journey from the inside.

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"Nanaskumuin Nishiyuu! What a blessing for me to witness, feel and share the magic, the love and the courage," wrote Dominique Normand, who posted the first video. "While following your amazing journey, walking the last five kilometers, working on that short film, I have been filled with joy, sadness, hope, pride and cried many times. Thank you so much, you have made a big difference in my life."

Underneath it, the walkers were filmed from a spectator’s vantage point as they strode across the city limits. Together, a great midweek shot in the arm.