Registration Open for Native American Language Fair

The 10th Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair is coming up. Students of all ages can now register to participate.

Last year more than 600 students spoke 32 Native American languages during the two-day Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair (ONAYLF) held at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. Registration is now open for this year’s event, scheduled for April 2-3.

Students of all ages, from preschool to high school, are invited to participate. Participants demonstrate their skills through spoken language, song, poster art, film, essays, and even PowerPoint presentations.

New this year is a poetry writing and performance category open to all ages. The theme for poster art is Language in My Heart.

"Our children at the CN [Cherokee Nation] Immersion program have so much fun every year when they participate at your event. ONAYLF has been so far the only place outside the school that offers our kids a place where they can practice their language in a public setting. I will not exaggerate if I say that ONAYLF is a language highlight of the year," said Andrew Sikora, a parent, on the language fair website.

Registration closes March 12 and can be done online at