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A story about a Native chief talking to the Washington Redskins official website about his support for the team using the Redskins name.
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Update:'s Dave McKenna published a post exposing that Dodson is apparently not a "a full-blooded Inuit chief," as the Redskins claim. READ MORE.

Yesterday, the official website of the Washington Redskins published an interview with someone the article says is an Inuit chief. According to the article, Stephen Dodson, "a full-blooded American Inuit chief originally from the Aleutian Tribes of Alaska," reached out to the NFL team to share his perspective on the naming controversy. Many Native Americans object to the team calling itself the Redskins, seeing the term as degrading and even racist. Dodson is not one of them.

“We don’t have a problem with [the name] at all," Dodson told the website."In fact we’re honored. We’re quite honored.”

“It’s actually a term of endearment that we would refer to each other as," Dodson said. "“It’s not degrading in one bit and that’s why I sent you guys an email."

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Pressure has been building against owner Daniel Snyder and his NFL team to change the club's name. A D.C. Council member is preparing to introduce a resolution to push the team to change its name to the Redtails. A group of six Natives has sued the club in trademark court; a decision is pending in that case. Even the U.S. Congress has taken up the issue, with a bill introduced recently that would strip the team of its trademark protection.

To read the entire interview with Dodson, click here. Watch a video of him speaking on the subject below. Let ICTMN know what you think about Dodson's views by commenting in the box below the video.