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Red Lake, Inc. Launches Information-Sharing Website

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On May 30, Red Lake, Inc. launch, a website devoted to information sharing between Red Lake Band members and those wanting to do business with Red lake enterprises. provides descriptions and a directory of each of its businesses, information about Red Lake, Inc., business news items, employment information and a way to contact Red Lake, Inc. offices. 

There is finally be a method to share information with the community and others about Red Lake, Inc. to help reduce and eliminate mis-information about the organization, a press release states.

“As you explore this website, I believe that you will find the content informative, practical, and very user-friendly. The framework for was developed to respond to a wide range of interest levels and accommodate nearly any need—from a curious Red Lake Band member with an invested interest in checking out the success of our corporate operations to that of a current or potential customer who is considering a single purchase or securing a product in bulk. However, of paramount importance to us at Red Lake, Inc. was that this website clearly reflects the core values that have guided our operations every single day since our incorporation in 2011: Transparency, Integrity, Community and Tangible Results,” said Steven StandingCloud, Red Lake, Inc. CEO.

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Red Lake, Inc. is an economic development corporation owned by the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians, and the Red Lake, Inc. website was created by Design Anglers, Inc. out of Bemidji, Minnesota.