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Red Lake Holds Annual State of the Band Address

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Red Lake Chairman Floyd Jourdain Jr. addressed a crowded Red Lake Humanities Center on February 25 with the Annual State of the Band Address where the overall message was the tribe was doing well.

More than 400 Red Lake members, representing Duluth and the Twin Cities were in attendance to hear the annual address and fill the humanities center with applause occasionally.

“It is my honor, and privilege to present to you on behalf of the entire Tribal Council, and seven Hereditary Chiefs, the annual State of the Band address and report to the people,” Jourdain said. He then thanked spiritual elder Eugene Stillday for rendering the invocation.

During the address Jourdain shared the tribe was doing well, businesses were strong and the enrollment numbers were at 10,586 members according to the tribal enrollment committee.

“I am here to report today that overall our tribe is doing well. Our businesses are strong, and the ones that have struggled are being improved so that they will be profitable in the future,” Jourdain announced. “We have accomplished much over the past year, and have seen much progress.”

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Jourdain went on to announce the tribes financial condition was sound and rebounding nicely after the stock market crash a couple years ago.

Other topics of the address included a Public Health Emergency that Jourdain declared to deal with the issue of prescription drug abuse throughout the tribe along with White Earth and Leech Lake Ojibwe Nations. Jourdain announced a Decree for Public Health Emergency asking all members to take action to curb the scourge of prescription drug abuse within the communities.

“We are no exception to the national trend here at Red Lake,” Jourdain commented. “I have been notified by the Indian Health Service, Comprehensive Health Services, public safety, and the tribal executive director that oversees all tribal programs that a comprehensive analysis of the situation will be initiated, and action plans will be presented to Band leadership in the near future.”

“I would like to commend Chairwomen Vizenor and the White Earth Tribal Council for the stance they have taken on this issue, and here at home I applaud the Red Lake Tribal Council, and Chiefs for their leadership, and concern for the Red Lake people,” concluded Jourdain.

Jourdain followed the drug abuse issue with a wrap up of the address, which was followed by a customary feast.