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Red Lake Gets Basketball Courts and More Recreational Amenities

Elmer Crow shows an eel net he made, “probably the first one in 60 years,” he said back in February.

The current basketball court in Red Lake is overgrown and less than inviting for a game. (By Michael Meuers)

One could say the Red Lake Band of Chippewa places a strong emphasis on youth participation in basketball. The Red Lake communities of Redby and Ponemah both have brand new courts, complete with free-throw and three-point lines, and first class fencing around the perimeter. Now the Red Lake community will get another new court, likely next Spring.

Not all youth care are about basketball though. The Red Lake Tribal Council views a variety of recreation important for the Nation’s youth. “We want to give youth other options," said Red Lake Chairman Floyd Jourdain, Jr.

The Red Lake Band will continue to work to improve parks, recreation areas, and playgrounds for smaller children, among other recreational areas for both kids and adults, said Sam Strong, director of Red Lake Planning.

Also underway are two new skate parks, one in Red Lake and one in Ponemah. But it is a community goal to bring state parks to all districts within the Red Lake Indian Reservation, which covers parts of nine counties in northern Minnesota.

In addition, bike paths and walkways will one day connect Red Lake to Redby, as well as a path down Highway 89 to the south boundary—part of the Red Lake Nation Non-Motorized Transportation Plan put together by Red Lake Economic Development and Planning. The new transportation model will take effect as money and time allow.