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Really? Wayne Coyne Supported Fallin With Picture of Dog in Headdress

Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips is supporting Christina Fallin, whose recent antics have been disrespectful toward Native culture.
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An indie-rock icon weighed in on the Christina Fallin headdress controversy -- and he wasn't asking her to be more respectful of the American Indians whose culture she is trivializing. No, Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips showed his support of the Oklahoma Governor's daughter, with a tasteless photo sent from his (now closed) Instagram account.

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According to Oklahoma culture blog The Lost Ogle, Coyne, who is a friend of Christina Fallin's, posted the following:

The original photo that kicked off the controversy.

The original photo that kicked off the controversy.

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Yes, that's a dog wearing a feather headdress.

[Editor's note: The above picture was posted to Instagram in late March, weeks before Fallin's "War Dance" incident. An earlier version of this story implied that the picture was posted more recently.]

The Flaming Lips are an Oklahoma City-based psychedelic rock band who've long been a critical favorite; although their work is still usually well-received the band arguably peaked with The Soft Bulletin (1999) and Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (2002). The song "Do You Realize?" from the latter album was the "official rock song" of the state of Oklahoma for a couple of years, before Governor Mary Fallin opted not to renew its status as such.

Coyne has a reputation as one of rock music's most interesting eccentrics, but these days Coyne-watchers are scratching their heads more often than nodding in approval. We're getting the story from The Lost Ogle again, which is referring to the less-lovable Wayne Coyne as "New Wayne Coyne" -- in a March post, a writer mused, "is it really possible to embarrass Wayne Coyne? At last check, he’s the same guy who shut down the Oklahoma City airport with a grenade. He’s been kicked off Instagram for posting too much nudity… twice. He photographed Erykah Badu naked in a bathtub filled with fake semen and glitter and tweeted a pic of it."

Coyne's conduct may very well lose him some fans. A first-hand account of Fallin's performance at the Norman Music Festival, posted at Red Dirt Report, noted that "Wayne Coyne ... stood behind the partition with Fallin’s entourage, accompanied by his girlfriend, laughing and pointing at the protesters." A commenter replied "Wayne Coyne can kiss my ass. I can't believe he stood by and agreed to what Fallin and her mates were doing." At Daily Kos, a reader wrote "I'm so disappointed in Wayne Coyne. This makes it much, much harder to like The Flaming Lips."