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Rash of Racism Toward Native Americans in Schools

Indian Country Today Media Network has been reporting on a rash of incidents involving racism against Native American students at schools across the country.
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Seems there’s been an abundance of racially charged news coming out of schools across the country over the last couple months.

In October, Indian Country Today Media Network reported on the Syracuse, New York mom who was appalled by the game of “Cowboys and Native Americans” played in her son’s elementary school as well as the racial epithet against Native Americans written in the dormitory bathroom of Brown Hall at South Dakota State University.

Then, there was the Chief Short Cake math assignment handed out by a Lakeland Union High School teacher in Wisconsin.

There were also the offensive banners from the homecoming game at Lewiston-Porter High School in Youngstown, New York.

And we’re sure this just scratches the surface. There are also the many mascot issues that still plague the country including the Fighting Sioux in North Dakota and the Washington Redskins.

And remember the cowboys and Indians theme party thrown at the University of Denver in March?

While all of these schools seemed to handle the incidents well and many led to teachable moments for those involved, what can be done to better teach everyone more cultural sensitivity before the incidents occur?

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Especially now during November, which is Native American Heritage Month.

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