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Radio Hosts Say American Indians Should Have Been ‘Better Warriors’ While at Occupy Los Angeles


John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, hosts of the Los Angeles radio show the John & Ken Show, became the latest to be on record saying American Indians have no right to the land of the United States. The hosts were at the Occupy Los Angeles protests on October 27 speaking with some of the protesters on why they are protesting. While there the hosts spoke with one protester named “Richard” at which point Kobylt says that American Indians didn’t own the land.

Kobylt made the statement, “But they didn’t own it, they didn’t have formalized ownership… It was free land. Anybody who came got it.” His response was following up the statement by Richard who said, “We were not invited here by the Native Americans. We were not invited here by the American Indians,” replied with

Richard who continued to argue the point of the theft of American Indian land made the comment that the hosts probably think the Natives should have been better business men, at which point Kobylt followed with, “Probably better warriors.”

The conversation begins at the 13:15 mark of the attached video.

Later in the video, Kobylt is asked to move from an area that has been labeled the Sovereign Nation of Freedom and Peace, to which he laughs (23:30). Then at the 24:16 point he is told he is on a sacred area (24:21) and Kobylt is heard saying “I don’t mean, I’m not trying to offend and step on sacred land, Chiampou is heard saying “Does that mean there are Indians buried there? (24:27)”