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Racing the Rez Documentary Reaches KickStarter Goal!

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On New Year's Eve we posted a story about the incredible documentary Racing the Rez, which was $11,215 shy of of the $15,000 at the time. A scant nine days later, director Brian Truglio and his team have reached their goal. There are still three days of fundraising left for the film team to help build up their outreach program. We reached out to Brian to see how he was feeling, and what comes next. Here was his response:

"The money, of course is, important, and the reason the KickStarter campaign exists, but I'm most blown away by all the support and excitement around the project. The running community is really something special and unique. Having Christopher McDougall's support means the world to me, it's unbelievable that a writer and runner who is one of my heroes is supporting Racing the Rez."

Brian had to scratch his head a few times over how quickly things can change after the arduous, and oft-lonely experience of making a documentary film.

"After four years of filming on my own and then working with my editor Sean Sandefur, there are many moments of doubt, when you say, 'am I crazy, maybe nobody will be interested in what I'm doing.' And then in 30 days, wow, look at all the support and enthusiasm that's out there!" says Brian.

Now that they've reached their funding goal for post production work and simply getting the film polished, they find themselves in the wonderful position of being able to focus on something they had put on the back burner while they sured up funds—outreach.

"Since funds were so tight, I was just concentrating on getting the money to finish the film and get it to broadcast. Bur because of your generosity, I now have an opportunity to extend the films impact beyond the TV screen and fund our outreach!" says Brian. "Our outreach plan includes bringing the film back to the reservation so we can participate in workshops with organizations like NavajoYES, Wings of America and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and use the film to inspire young people to get more active, make healthier choices, and have the courage to talk about and get help with personal challenges they may be facing growing up on or off the reservation."

Here's a clip of the film, if you, or anyone you know, would like to support the film, visit Brian's KickStarter page here, or go to their Facebook page here.