Puyallup infrastructure damaged by earthquakes


The infrastructure of the Puyallup Tribe was dealt a serious blow by the recent earthquakes in Washington State and your soup labels can help its school get back on its feet.

The Labels for Education program trades labels for certain products for training tools like personal computers and audio-visual equipment. The Puyallup Tribal School, Chief Leschi, is a participant in this program.

The program is needed because the Puyallup tribal office building that also housed the school was deemed unsafe after the earthquakes. The tribe has a very small land base and the prospect of re-building and equipping the school would have left it in a serious financial bind.

The FEMA has refused to help with the reconstruction or demolition costs.

The labels that may be donated include Campbell's soups, tomato juice and recipe mixes. Pepperidge Farm bread, crouton, roll, stuffing, cookie, Goldfish, snack mixes, frozen garlic bread, cake, turnover, dumpling and puff pastry labels will also be accepted.

Other product labels that are part of the program are Swanson broths and poultry, V8 juices, Franco-American gravies and pastas, Prego pasta sauces, Pace salsa, picante, and Picante ConQueso food service products. General Mills Box Tops for Education, found on many of their cereal packages, will also gladly be accepted.

You may donate your labels by sending them to Tami Cooper, Chief Leschi Schools, 5625 52nd St. E., Puyallup, WA 98371.