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Put a Bird on It: Johnny Depp's Tonto Inspires Hip Look

Vincent Schilling's humorous video about Johnny Depp's dead bird headdress from The Lone Ranger, and possible link to Portlandia's 'Put a Bird on It'
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ICTMN correspondent Vincent Schilling has started the Vincent Schilling News YouTube News Channel, and in his inaugural report covers a fashion trend inspired by Johnny Depp's controversial dead-bird headdress, seen in The Lone Ranger, which opens tomorrow. And it turns out you don't even need a fancy makeup artist or wardrobe department—electrical tape and a plush toy will do the trick. You'll be looking like a culturally inaccurate depiction of a Native American in no time.

While we applaud Vincent on his fine reportage, we do need to give a little credit to Johnny Depp for designing the bird headdress in the first place—and Depp's probable inspiration. No, not Kirby Sattler—Lisa and Bryce (Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen) from Portlandia:

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