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Pueblo of San Juan, New Mexico

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A judge sentenced the 19-year-old son of Tribal Judge Stanley Bird to a year in jail for his involvement in a string of armed robberies. Prosecutors recommended a 13 1/2-year prison term for Shawn Bird, who was 18 when the five robberies occurred last year, three of them on a single day last March. But state District Judge Michael Vigil told the teen, "If I send you to prison, they will eat you alive." He warned him, "If you come back, I can put you away until you're 60 years old. This is very serious stuff. I'm giving you, I think, a big break." Bird was using cocaine, crystal methamphetamine and other drugs since he was 12 and that's why he robbed, psychologist Patricia Brown testified. His father said Shawn had been doing extremely well in the Santa Fe County Jail where he will serve his term. Bird and two juveniles, Pedro Archuleta and Frederico Flores, both of Chimayo, were arrested in March after a liquor store and two restaurants in Santa Fe were robbed at gunpoint. Archuleta, 17, was sentenced in October to the New Mexico Boys' School near Spring until he turns 21. He will be evaluated when he turns 18. Flores, 16, awaits sentencing.

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