Pueblo of Cochiti, New Mexico


A judge ruled city police had no jurisdiction to arrest Regis Pecos, 45, of Cochiti, state director of Indian Affairs at the Santa Fe Indian School last May. A state district judge dismissed charges of resisting arrest and creating a disturbance filed against Pecos after an alleged altercation with Santa Fe police on Indian School property. Pecos pleaded innocent to both charges. It was ruled the city has "no civil or criminal jurisdiction" on the school property which is subject only to federal jurisdiction. The ruling raises questions about what law enforcement agency will cover the Indian School property in emergencies. The BIA office nearest the school is at San Juan Pueblo, and the FBI, which investigates major crime on Indian land, does not respond to routine situations. The Santa Fe Police Department will continue to honor a 1995 oral agreement to provide services in emergency situations, said Deputy Chief Beverly Lennen. However, she said the department plans to get a written agreement. Northern Pueblos Police Chief Michael Perez said it has not been determined which tribal or federal agencies will respond in case of a crime. Perez said his officers will not drive from San Juan Pueblo, more than an hour away, to respond to calls at the school until the jurisdictional issue is resolved.