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Proud To Be Indigenous Wants Your Food Photos

[node:summary]Food health and sovereignty are intertwined, and Proud To Be Indigenous wants your photos to prove it.
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As Proud To Be Indigenous Week unfolds, today marks the celebration of food, especially as it relates to sovereignty and health, intertwined as they are.

This is day four of the week designed to coincide with the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. First Peoples Worldwide, the organizers of Proud To Be Indigenous, are encouraging all comers to submit photos illustrating a different theme each day of this week. (Related story: Proud to Be Indigenous Launched for UN Permanent Forum)

Monday’s theme was land, and indigenous worldwide were asked for photos and other media describing the ancestral land and where they were from. Tuesday and Wednesday the themes were language and art, respectively. (Related: Proud to Be Indigenous? Hash Tag It and Photograph It)

“We have been humbled by the response and awed by all the photos, videos, music and art that has been shared,” said the organizers, First Peoples Worldwide, in a statement. “Today is all about food. Send anything about your indigenous food—how it is grown, cooked and eaten. And share the food challenges your communities are facing.”

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As on the other days, First Peoples Worldwide is encouraging proud indigenous folks worldwide to follow suit and submit their photos the Proud To Be Indigenous Facebook Page, of yourselves holding a #Proud2BIndigenous sign. Non-Natives are welcome to submit photos of themselves holding <#ProudofIndigenous> signs. 

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