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Protest modern ‘massacre’

How many times have massacres of Native Americans been preceded by talk of their supposed “savagery” and their obstinate refusal to give up land and waters, so they would live on whatever land was “reserved” for them. It’s ironic now that Native American tax money along with other American money is being used to fund massacres of the designated “savages” of the 21st century, Palestinians.

What is happening in the Gaza Strip is a massacre. More than 400 people have been wantonly killed by Israeli bombing. Israel and Hamas had a five-month truce that was broken by Israel on Nov. 4 when its forces killed five Palestinians. Hamas unfortunately responded with missiles, which in November injured one Israeli and caused property damage. This is the “savagery” that merits their destruction with whole families of “militants” slated for extermination.

Over the last 60 years more than 500 Palestinian villages have been destroyed, the majority of the Palestinian people made refugees, settlers are given a green light to take new land, thousands of homes have been demolished, the remaining Palestinian land has been divided and surrounded by walls, checkpoints, army bases and Jewish-only roads. Gaza is a special case, at best a prison for a million and a half people and now under medieval siege where even UN food for refugees is barred except when the authorities graciously let in a few trucks for a photo op. Eighty percent of the population is living on less than two dollars a day, unemployment hovers at 60 percent and just 195 factories remain open out of 3,900 in 2005. Now their university, mosques and public buildings, symbols of Hamas, are being laid waste.

No doubt the Bush Administration shamefully gave the Israelis permission to launch the Gaza Massacre as it approved so many vile acts by the Israeli government in the past. President-elect Obama? He’s silent. He is “monitoring” the situation according to spokesperson. Where is the “change”?

I urge Native Americans to go out into the streets and join the many protests of the Gaza Massacre. See or call (203) 934-2761 for more information.

– Stanley Heller
Middle East Crisis Committee
New Haven, Conn.

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