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Protect Glen Cove and Sacred Sites

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On May 16 IndigenousAction uploaded a video of the occupation of the Glen Cove Shell Mound which began on April 14.

Morning Star Gali, Achomawu Band of Pit River, says the occupation started because they heard the bulldozers would be at the site.

"The significance of the Sogorea Te Shell Mound is that it's one of the handful of the remaining shell mounds that's remained partially intact here in the Bay Area," Gali says. "It is 3,500 years old. ... It's never been questioned that this is a culturally sensitive site, that this is a burial site.

Corrina Gould, Chochenyo Ohlone, who is co-organizer for Indian People Organizing for Change, talks about how the Greater Vallejo Recreation District says they are going to protect and preserve the site.

"We know this not to be true. Places where they want to put the bathrooms and the parking lots definitely have shell mound and shell mounds are always the cemeteries of my ancestors," Gould says. She also points out that there is no need for more parking, since there is plenty and there are bathrooms close by.

Gould says their efforts to Protect Glen Cove have opened many people's eyes who didn't realize the significance of the area. The group is trying to set up mediations between the Department of Justice and the Native American Heritage Commission to ask them to send letters of support for Glen Cove.