Proposed Massachusetts Special License Plate Features Mayflower and Native American

A proposed special license plate for the 400th anniversary of Plymouth, Massachusetts features the Mayflower and a Native American man.

Does the proposed design for a special license plate commemorating the Plymouth, Massachusetts 400th anniversary celebrate or denigrate the past?

It shows a blue image of the Mayflower and in it is a white silhouette of what is supposed to be a Native American man. Along the bottom of the license plate is the slogan “1620 Plymouth 2020."

The creators of the plate, Plymouth 400, Inc.—the same nonprofit group that is organizing the anniversary celebration—want it to become a marketing tool.

“There’s a two-fold benefit in this: the publicity that we’ll get from people showing their pride in their community … [and] the $28 per plate that we’ll get as part of our fund-raising efforts,” Kevin O’Reilly, president of Plymouth 400, Inc. told the Boston Globe. “Not only will we be spreading the word, we’ll be getting donations to help fund the anniversary.

The plates will cost drivers $40, and as O’Reilly said, $28 of that will go toward the town’s anniversary celebration.

Before any of this can happen though, the state requires that Plymouth 400, Inc. collect 1,500 applications for the special license plate and the Registry of Motor Vehicles has to approve the design.

Before plates can be produced, the organization has to put up a $100,000 bond or have 3,000 paid applications for the special plate.

According to the Boston Globe, the group had 978 requests for the plate as of September 13 and O’Reilly thinks they’ll reach the 1,500 goal by the end of the year.