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Proper foot care can help diabetics

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ASHEBORO, N.C. – Twenty-four million children and adults in the United States live with diabetes, a disease that leads to potentially life-threatening complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and blindness. Without proper care, 15 percent of diabetics will develop foot ulcers which can lead to an increased risk of foot amputations.

“Diabetics, especially those with significant peripheral neuropathy, are less likely to walk for exercise and would therefore have a higher risk for blood clots related to inactivity,” said Dr. James Altizer, of the Vein Center in Charlotte and Fellow in the American College of Phlebology. “In addition, the neuropathy would make it less likely that the patient would feel leg pain from a venous thrombosis, so wearing graduated compression diabetic hosiery can play a key role in a daily foot care regimen and overall health.”

Graduated compression socks work by placing the greatest compression at the ankles where it’s needed most, helping accelerate the velocity at which the blood flows through the deep veins, resulting in improved circulation., specialists in graduated compression hosiery, offers more than a dozen unique socks for diabetics, each designed to provide specific medically correct benefits, either as a therapeutic or a preventive.

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Proper diabetic hosiery can protect the feet and legs by, improving circulation, reducing the risk of chafing/blisters, diminishing sock slippage and bunching under foot sole, avoiding binding or creasing of the skin and lessening pressure on foot sole.

In addition to wearing appropriate footwear and socks, diabetics with at-risk feet and legs should never go barefoot, should check their feet everyday for blisters, cuts and redness, and seek medical care at the first sign of infection or inflammation.

All products are knitted from high-quality yarns and rigidly inspected for any flaws in material or manufacture. Products can be purchased at or by calling (877) 525-7224.