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‘Propaganda games’

I just finished the Jan. 14 edition of Indian Country [Today] and it was a very exciting issue. I often think of writing to thank you for the work you do.

Mostly I just wanted to comment this time on a letter from Stanley Heller which was full of untruths and half truths about the war between Hamas and Israel. I wish that both sides here in the U.S. would stop playing propaganda games. The fact is that Hamas doesn’t care about Palestinian people or its organization wouldn’t put rocket launchers in front of schools and apartment buildings, and they wouldn’t use children and other civilians as shields. Even though there are Palestinians who are Israeli citizens I can’t see that Israel is being concerned enough about the civilians in Gaza, either. Neither government cares.

If Hamas had allowed the Palestinians in Gaza to set up proper trade relations with Egypt there wouldn’t be any problem over needed supplies in Gaza. If Israel really wanted to cut Gaza off that’s what they’d tell the U.N. and all the other people, and then the Gazans would be freely getting the help they need from a country they aren’t at war with.

It’s such a silly fabrication that Gaza needs Israel. If Gaza, by Hamas’s rule, is going to be at war then they need to act like it, not whine that Israel won’t be their mommy and give them what they want. I’m sure the actual citizens of Gaza don’t want help from Israel. They hate Israel. Hamas should let them have free trade with Egypt.

– Penny J. Novack
Charlemont, Mass.

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